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Do you study Russian as a foreign language? Do you teach Russian to foreigners? Then this website is for you! On it you will find everything you need: textbooks, teaching materials, audio, video.

About the author of the website

This is the site by Natalia Borisovna Karavanova – a famous teacher of Russian as a foreign language. And also the author of popular Russian language textbooks for foreigners.

  • “Survival Russian Говорите правильно!”,
  • “Matryoshka. An Elementary Practical Course of Russian”,
  • “Listening to Live Russian Speech” and others.


The most popular and effective  Russian language textbooks for foreigners:


What else is interesting on the site?


We hope that our website will help you learn or teach the Russian language effectively and with pleasure!

If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer you. Please write to my mail: k.n.b.2014@yandex.ru

Welcome to the amazing and wonderful world of the Russian language!


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