Audio from the most popular textbooks of Russian for foreigners: “Survival Russian”, “Matryoshka” and “Listening to the Live Russian Speech”.

Audio recording of each textbook lasts more than 3 hours.

I note that the audio recordings are made in a professional studio by professional speakers. Everything is made very convenient for listening. Each exercise or dialogue has its own track. You can repeat after the speakers for individual Russian sounds, words or phrases, checking yourself again and again.

Our audio will help you learn not only to understand the Russian language, but also to speak Russian correctly.

Fragments of audio recordings (individual exercises, dialogues and texts) can be heard on the pages of these textbooks: “Survival Russian. Говорите правильно!” and “Matryoshka”, as well as on the pages of the textbooks “Listening to Live Russian Speech” and “Correction Phonetic Course of the Russian Language”

and also on the page Listening to texts and dialogues in Russian.