Culture and life of Russia: holidays, traditions. Poems, songs, clips. Interesting stories, events in the life of Russia. News from Russia.

New Year‘s and Easter. How are they celebrated in Russia? A holiday with tears in your eyes is Victory Day. And three holidays in August – three Spases (Saviours): Honey Spas, Apple Spas, Nut Spas. Why are they called like this? What customs are there on these holidays?

International Women’s Day on March 8 is a holiday on which it is customary to congratulate all women, starting with the smallest girls. And definitely to give them gifts!

February 23 is Defender‘s of the Fatherland Day. And this is a men’s holiday. On this day, all men in Russia are congratulated. They also give them gifts.

Culture and life of Russia.

These are poems and songs dedicated to the Great PatrioticWar (1941-1945). They are countless. The tragedy of this war touched every person in Russia.

And beautiful eternal love songs. We offer one of them: with a simple melody and simple words. It was written many years ago, but still remains popular in Russia. And you can watch a clip on it that will help you better understand the content of the song.