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New Year

New Year‘s in Russia: traditions, gifts, symbols. What is the Old New Year’s?

Dear friends! First of all, I want to congratulate you on New Year‘s 2020! I wish it to bring you a lot of unexpected, but very pleasant surprises! May the new year be happy and successful for all of us!

New Year‘s Day is celebrated all over the world. But in each country, its celebration has its own peculiarities. It is interesting to note that in Russia, New Year‘s is celebrated twice: on the night of December 31 to January 1 and on the night of January 13 to January 14. In the second case, this is called celebrating the Old New Year’s, i.e. New Year‘s Old style (according to the old calendar).

In Russia, New Year’s is the most favorite holiday for both children and adults. Days from January 1 to January 8 are holiday non working days. Especially since January 7 is another big holiday Christmas. It is celebrated by Orthodox Christians.

Now a few words about the symbols of New Year’s. Almost every home, institution, or office has a New Year tree: live or artificial, decorated with toys, garlands, and tinsel. It is customary to put gifts for children and adults under the New Year tree.

Of course, a festive table is served for New Year’s. Its indispensable attributes are champagne, tangerines and Olivier salad. They are on every New Year’s table. Different housewives prepare Olivier salad in different ways. And each has her own little secret. But its mandatory ingredients are potatoes, carrots, eggs, sausage or meat, green peas, fresh and salted cucumbers, mayonnaise.

At midnight, the Kremlin chimes strike and it is customary to make wishes for the next year. After New Year’s celebration, many people go for a walk in the festively decorated city or in the park, and middle-aged and older people prefer to spend the first hours of the new year in front of the TV, at this time there are festive programs and concerts. One must give gifts to all children for New Year’s. They write letters to Santa Claus (Дед Мороз) about their wishes and look forward to their fulfillment. Adults are also given at least small gifts. Therefore, it is not for nothing that New Year‘s is the most favorite and fun holiday in Russia.