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Encyclopedia Russia: nature, cities, people, traditions, holidays. The text of the book goes in parallel in English. Many photos illustrate it.

In front of you is indeed a unique book an illustrated encyclopedia about Russia in two languages: Russian and English. And this is not just a book. It’s a gift book, beautifully and lovingly made. It’s big, like a magazine. Excellent, high quality coated paper. And what photos are in it! And what quality! You can endlessly view them and admire the beauty of Russia: its nature, the sights of different cities, the faces of children…

The book weighs 1 kg. This says a lot, and above all about high quality printing. One wouldn’t be ashamed of giving such a book to any person. Everyone admires it.

For whom is it? We conceived it primarily for foreigners who are learning Russian or are going to go to Russia and want to learn more about it. After all, many situations and realities of our life seem quite obvious to us. But there is much that foreigners don’t understand in our country. Also, if we come to any country, we will have a lot of questions on the simplest occasions. This book provides answers to many foreigners’ questions that arise when they begin to get acquainted with Russia. And if they learn Russian, such a book will be especially necessary for them. It will provide them invaluable assistance.

The book will be also interesting for those who learn English. The text goes in parallel in Russian and in English. It is interesting to learn how our sights are called in English, to learn to tell foreigners about our traditions and holidays, about nature and art. When learning any language it is very useful to read such books in two languages. You will not only know English better, but you will also have a language intuition, which is very important for good language skills.

Therefore, such a book can be purchased or given not only to foreigners, but also to those who study English. And so that you imagine better this encyclopedia, see its detailed content, text and photos from it.

We can send this Encyclopedia autographed by the author anywhere in the world.

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Chapter 17. Holidays. Congratulations

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