Interesting video about Russia: cities, sights, culture, history, modernity, holidays, traditions — will help you in learning Russian.

When you learn any language, you want to have an idea of the country of the language you are studying: its culture, history, sights of its cities, and finally, about its people. And it is best of all if this is visual information. There are many false stereotypes and misconceptions about Russia in many countries. Although now, when many tourists from different countries come to Russia, many of them have been dispelled.

But if you have not been to our country, we suggest you watch an interesting video about Russia. You will see New Year’s Moscow and the Moscow metro, the northern capital of Russia – the City of St. Petersburg. And you can also listen to the story of English fans about their stay in Russia for the 2018 World Cup.

You can learn more about Russia, its sights, traditions and culture in the book “Illustrated Encyclopedia Russia. Cities, People, Traditions”. It contains not only interesting photos of various places in Russia, but also the text that is available simultaneously in two languages: Russian and English.

You can see video lessons in Russian on the corresponding page.


New year’s Moscow



The Moscow metro is a real Museum under the ground.



St. Petersburg is the Northern capital of Russia.


English football fans debunk myths about Russia