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N.B.KaravanovaRussian language textbooks for foreigners. The complex “Survival Russian” is designed for students of Russian as a foreign language at the initial and secondary stages of training. It includes four textbooks:

  • “Survival Russian. A Course in Conversational Russian” (textbook on colloquial speech for foreigners studying Russian),
  • “We Read and We Understand Everything” (textbook on reading and on speech development for foreigners studying Russian),
  • “Listening to Authentic Russian Speech” (textbook on listening comprehension and on speech development for foreigners studying Russian)
  • and “Correction Course of Phonetics of the Russian language” (textbook on phonetics for foreigners studying Russian).


All textbooks are accompanied by a CD with a record of exercises, dialogues and texts for several hours.

You can buy the textbooks  in the store “Москва”or in

We can send this textbook (+CD) autographed by the author anywhere in the world.