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“A Course in Conversational Russian” with translation into Persian. All vocabulary, grammar, dialogues, tasks are translated into Persian.

In Iran, the textbook Survival Russian Говорите правильно! was as popular as in other countries. And many Iranian students and businessmen cooperating with Russia learned Russian from this textbook. As well as employees of Iranian agencies located in Russia. Yet this was mostly those who are familiar with the English language. But, as we know, learning any foreign language is easier and faster when all the explanations are given in the native language of the students.

And finally, appeared a translation of the textbook into Persian. This great work was done not by a philologist, not by a linguist, but by the Iranian Dr. Amir Abbas Amidshahi. A real enthusiast! He made the translation with great love for the Russian language, with extraordinary accuracy, showing a real talent and creativity. Thanks to him, the Iranians can get acquainted not only with the Russian language, but also with Russia: its traditions, holidays, etiquette. After all, cultural comments to the lessons are also translated into Persian.

I express my deep gratitude and sincere appreciation to Dr. Amir Abass Amidashahi for everything he did for this textbook.

Survival Russian. Говорите правильно! (from co-author)

Survival Russian (from the author)

Survival Russian (preface)

Survival Russian (lesson 2)


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