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“Correction Phonetic Course of the Russian Language” + CD

The textbook is a corrective course of Russian phonetics and is designed to work with foreigners of different nationalities at the beginning and intermediate stages of education.

The purpose of the textbook is to minimize the accent of foreign students at the level of sounds, rhythm of words, intonation. The author proposes a system of exercises that allows to solve this problem.

A special place in the textbook is occupied by Russian proverbs and sayings (more than 100), which not only carry country information, but also allow you to better consolidate the pronunciation norms of the Russian language.

The course also presents phonetic dictations, allowing to remove the difficulties of perception of Russian speech.

Exercises and dictations are recorded on the disc.

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We can send this textbook (+CD) autographed by the author anywhere in the world.

You can see one of the lessons (№3) here.