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We read and understand Russian

We read and understand Russian!

A Textbook on Reading and Colloquial Speech for Foreigners Studying Russian: texts about Russia and tasks to them.

The textbook on reading and speech development “We read and we understand everything” is an integral part of the educational complex“Survival Russian”. But it can be used independently.

A distinctive feature of this textbook is that it is based on the same thematic, lexical and grammatical material as the textbook Survival Russian, which contributes to the success in teaching both reading and speaking, because their source is the same “content”.

There are currently no such textbooks. The publishing house that produced this textbook notes that this textbook is innovative in communication methods.

We read and understand Russian!

The textbook consists of 16 thematic lessons, each of which contains from 5 to 7 interesting entertaining texts of different size and complexity on the relevant topic.

All texts (there are about 100) are written by the author specifically for this book and allow you to get not only language, but also linguistic and cultural information about Russia and Russians (stereotypes of communication, holidays, traditions, etc.)

Much attention in the textbook is paid to learning to read and checking to what has been read. Based on this, a whole system of pre-text and post-text exercises is given. This allows not only to remove difficulties in reading the text, to talk easily about what has been read, but also to bring students into speech. Since the author considers reading as a type of speech activity, put at the service of oral speech, which is dictated by the methodological principle of communication.

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We read and we understand everything (Contents and Lessson 14)