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Online Russian lessons in phonetics, grammar, colloquial speech. Useful tables, texts, dialogues, exercises, tests with keys.  You can find them in this page .

Sometimes students or teachers need to have at hand the most necessary materials:  tables of declesion of Russian nouns, adjectives and pronouns, conjugations of Russian verbs or systematic rules of reading Russian letters. It’s enough to look into the computer or smartphone and everything is fine, no need to look in textbooks.

Do you need to know and learn the most relevant Russian conversational phrases? For example, stereotypes of communication in Russian: phrases at a meeting and parting, phrases of etiquette: requests, apologies, etc.? They can be viewed on our website and even with an English translation.

Online Russian lessons

Do you want to read dialogues and texts in Russian ? They are on the site. And you can test yourself whether you have understood them correctly by answering questions to them.

And if you are ready to test yourself whether you understand live Russian speech, you can listen on the site to individual Russian words, phrases, dialogues and texts.

Online Russian lessons

Russian numerals? Yes, this is a problem for many foreigners studying Russian. Therefore, a special page is dedicated to them where you can read and learn them. Russian quantitative and ordinal numerals for better understanding are in the tables. But how do you know if you read them correctly in Russian? To this end, we recorded the audio with Russian numerals . You can repeat them after the speaker and speak Russian correctly. And to test yourself, you can write a dictation. We offer it to you too.

If you want to test your knowledge on Russian grammar and Russian colloquial speech, run the tests. And then see the answers to them.

Online Russian lessons

We offer you a variety of topics, on the development of a variety of skills and abilities.

And if you have any questions or problems, you can always refer to the textbooks presented on our website. If you want to know better Russian spoken language, we recommend you the textbook “Survival Russian. Говорите правильно!”. If you want to read more Russian texts on a variety of topics, use the textbook “We read and understand Russian”. But if you want to listen and understand the live Russian speech, see the textbook  “Listening to Live Russian Speech”.