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Russian grammar. As you know, its most difficult topics are cases, verbs of motion and aspects of verbs. And we consider these topics in detail.

Cases? Is it really possible to learn all the endings and learn to use them correctly? Is it really possible to understand Russian aspects of verbs and Russian verbs of motion and use them correctly? Yes, it is quite possible.

Here are all the tables of declesion Russian nouns, adjectives and pronouns. And you can always see the desired ending of any word in any case.

Often foreigners who learn Russian do not know how to conjugate a particular verb. You need to learn the classes of Russian verbs and determine to which class belongs the desired verb. And then you will not make mistakes.

Aspects of verbs? Their meaning and use? See the tables of the formation of verb aspects using prefixes or suffixes. (Verbs are given with English translation). And this topic will be more understandable to you.

Russian verbs of motion? They are not so numerous. But they are very diverse. There are unidirectional verbs of motion. There are multidirectional verbs of motion. There are non-prefixed verbs and there are verbs of motion with prefixes. And there are a lot of prefixes in the Russian language. And the result is a large number of different verbs of motion. We suggest you learn these verbs using tables and doing training exercises. And then check yourself by seeing the keys.

Russian grammar, of course, is not simple. But always having at hand the necessary tables for references, you can avoid many mistakes. Russian cases will be clear to you. Correct verb endings will not be a problem for you. And Russian verbs of motion will become your friends. They will make your speech richer and more expressive.