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The complex “Matryoshka” is addressed to everyone who would like to learn Russian, but is not familiar with it and should start learning Russian from scratch. There are many Russian language textbooks for beginners. But, unfortunately, there are almost no textbooks in which training would go consistently and systematically from letter to letter, from sound to sound, from word to sentence. And “Matryoshka” is just such a textbook! It is ideal as an initial course of the Russian language, including for self-study. It is indispensable for beginning teachers who have little or no experience with foreigners.

The complex consists of three textbooks:

“Matryoshka 0”. Introductory Phonetic Course of the Russian Language. Rules of Reading and Writing. Elementary Conversation and Grammar Course”,

“Matryoshka A1. Russian Conversation Course. Basics of Grammar”,

“Matryoshka A2-B1”. Basic Course of Russian Language”.

Depending on different publishers, the names of textbooks in the complex may change, but its structure remains unchanged.

  • “Matryoshka 0-A1” —  the first Russian edition.
  • “Matryoshka 0”, “Matryoshka A1”, “Matryoshka A2-B1” — a new Russian edition.
  • “Matryoshka 0”, “Matryoshka A1” — a Turkish edition.
  • Matryoshka 1″, “Matryoshka 2”, “Matryoshka 3” —  a German edition.

Russian from scratch

What are the distinctive features of these Russian language textbooks for beginners?

  • First, they are universal for all Russian language learners. They can be used by adults and children, school children and students, as well as by students who study Russian independently.
  • Second, is an active language, and it is a living Russian language that they are all aimed at.
  • Third, they are accompanied by an audio recording of all lessons, which is certainly necessary to learn or teach Russian from scratch. You can listen to audio Russian lessons online, anytime and anywhere.
  • Fourth, to all exercises and tests are given keys. It is also important for those who learn Russian on their own and for teachers who do not speak Russian as their native language.
  • Fifth, all textbooks are accompanied by detailed grammatical tables and dictionaries with translations of the vocabulary used in the textbook into English, French and German.

There are also many other distinctive features of this complex. They can only be seen and evaluated in practice. The main thing is that these textbooks will help you learn or teach Russian correctly and see your results every day! They have proven themselves in a variety of countries, when working with students of various nationalities and ages. We hope they will be useful for you too!