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In 2018, the textbook “Matryoshka” was published in the German publishing house UniversVerlag. Two of its parts were published in separate books “Matryoshka 1” and “Matryoshka 2”. Each of them is accompanied by an educational Russian-German-French dictionary and CD. In addition, the publishing house has released a workbook that will help students learn how to write Russian correctly. And most importantly, is published the long-awaited third part of the “Matryoshka”:Matryoshka 3. Basic Course of Russian Grammar”. It allows students to quickly prepare for taking any tests and examinations in the Russian language.

It should be noted that this is a very high quality, colorful publication with many illustrations and convenient location of the language material. This allows us to recommend it for work with children learning Russian as well.

So, make acquaintance with the new “Matryoshkas”. There are now three of them:

  • “Matryoshka 1. An Introductory Russian Phonetic Course. Reading and Writing Rules. An Elementary Conversational and Grammar Course“,
  • “Matryoshka 2. A Conversational Course of Russian. The Basics of Russian Grammar”,
  • Matryoshka 3. Basic Course of Russian Grammar. Preparation for Tests”.

You can see the fragments from the textbooks here:


Матрёшка 1

Матрёшка 2

Матрёшка 3