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Matryoshka. An elementaty practical course of Russian Russian fot beginners

Karavanova N. B. The textbook “Matryoshka. Elementary Russian Language Practical Course”+CD for beginners to learn or teach Russian.

The textbook is written by popular demand of teachers and students as the first and necessary part in the mastery of the Russian language, anticipating the work on the textbook “Survival Russian. Говорите правильно!”.

For many years, the author received requests and wishes to write on the basis of the developed methodology a textbook for those who want to start learning Russian, but do not have about it the most basic information, i.e. from scratch.

The first Russian edition of this textbook was published in 2013. And it immediately became popular all over the world. Why? Largely because this textbook is universal for all beginners to learn Russian and is designed for the widest audience. It can be used by schoolchildren and students, adults and children who study Russian with a teacher or independently. The textbook will be of great help to school teachers and university teachers for whom Russian is not their native language. As well as to novice teachers of Russian as a foreign language, who have no experience with foreign students.

Based on the needs of wishing to learn Russian from scratch, the material of the textbook is divided into two parts.

The first part includes “Introductory Phonetic Course”, “Rules of Reading and Writing”, “Basic Information about Russian Grammar”.

In the second part we offer a more advanced course, which includes An Elementary Conversation Course”, “Basics of Russian Grammar”.

Like my other textbooks, the textbook “Matryoshka” is focused on active knowledge of the language, on communication. It presents tasks for all types of speech activities (speaking, reading, writing, listening comprehension). A special work on both dialogue and monologue speech of students is carried out. To all tasks and tests are given the keys. It is important that the textbook is accompanied by a disc with an audio recording of exercises, dialogues and texts as well as an educational dictionary with the translation of the vocabulary used in it into English, German and French. All this allows us to recommend “Matryoshka” for independent work as well.

By the end of classes with this textbook, students will have a large, and at the same time active, vocabulary and basic information on Russian grammar, allowing to use it in practice. This will give them the opportunity to easily and freely communicate in Russian, to understand Russian speech by ear, as well as to write and read Russian.

Experience and time have shown that it will be more convenient for both students and teachers if these two parts of the “Elementary course” are published in two separate books. As, for example, it was done in Turkey. In addition, there was a need to continue the textbook. And so the author wrote “Basic Course of the Russian Language”.

Subsequently, all three parts of the complex in three separate books were prepared and published by IPR MEDIA in 2019. You can learn more about the new edition here.