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русский язык с нуля


“Matryoshka 0. A Course of Russian for Beginners” is the textbook for those who are not familiar with the Russian language, but want to quickly learn to speak, read and write Russian.

It is a part of the Matryoshka educational complex, but can also be used independently.

The textbook contains  “Introductory Phonetic Course”, “Rules of Reading and Writing”, “Elementary Spoken and Grammar Course”, a table “Systematized Basic Rules of Reading Russian Letters”, and dictionaries: a Russian-English one, a Russian-German one, and a Russian-French one.

Содержание Матрёшка

Matryoshka 0. Content

“Matryoshka 0” includes 20 small lessons, each of which is designed for 15-20 minutes of lessons. Russian letters and sounds, the rules of writing and reading them, the main types of Russian intonation, speech models, and the most necessary grammatical constructions are considered here.

Is it boring? No, it’s not boring at all. From the first lesson, we offer mini-dialogues and mini-texts that get bigger and bigger from lesson to lesson. All the material in the textbook goes to the active using. After a few lessons, you will be able to communicate on the most relevant topics.

Содержание Матрёшка

Matryoshka 0. Lesson 20 (fragment)

Don’t you have a teacher? Do you learn Russian on your own? No problems. All exercises, dialogues and texts have audio recordings that you can download on our website.

Audio of Russian

Matryoshka 0. Lesson 20 (fragment)

Dialogue 18

Dilogue 19

Dialogue 20

Dialogue 21


And samples of writing Russian letters are given in the textbook.

It is also necessary to note the large convenient format of the textbook (A4) and the presence of color illustrations that allows not only easier to learn the proposed material, but also to get acquainted with Russia: its cities, holidays, traditions, i.e. represents extensive linguistic and cultural information, which is of great importance when learning any language.

And if you want to continue studying the Russian lnguage, need a conversational course, or systematization your grammar knowledge and preparation for tests, we recommend the textbooks “Matryoshka A1” and “Matryoshka A2-B1”.

You can buy the textbook in the “Читай-город” online store, and abroad in the “Калинка” store.

We also recommend that you contact IPR MEDIA, the publisher of these textbooks, where you can purchase them at the best price.

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