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Dear students and teachers!

I want to share with you good news: a new Russian edition of the popular educational complex “Matryoshka” has gone out of print in the publishing house IPR MEDIA.

The complex includes three textbooks:

  • Matryoshka 0. An Introductory Phonetic Course of the Russian Language. Rules of Reading and Writing. Elementary Speaking and Grammar Course + Audio
  • Matryoshka A1. A Conversational Course of the Russian Language. Basics of Russian Grammar + Audio
  • Matryoshka A2-B1. A Basic Practical Course of the Russian Language. Prepare to Pass the Tests


Textbooks are prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Federal state educational standard of higher education.

To see a fragment of “Matryoshka 0” (Lesson 20. Dialogues and Texts)

To see a fragment of “Matryoshka A1” (Lesson 8. My Day)

To see a fragment of “Matryoshka 3” (Verbs of Motion with Prefixes)

What are the distinctive features of this publication?

  • this is a modern high-quality publication that fully meets the needs of modern society
  • large format textbooks (A4), convenient location of materials
  • color illustrations and photos, allowing not only to learn the proposed material easier, but also to get acquainted with Russia: its cities, holidays, traditions, i.e. representing extensive linguistic and cultural information, which is of great importance in the study of any language
  • clear graphical symbols that help understand the tasks for those who are not familiar with the Russian language and for the first time begins to study it
  • audio recordings of all exercises, dialogues and texts of textbooks Matryoshka 0 and Matryoshka A1, which can be listened to at any time and anywhere directly on our website
  • the complex is presented in three separate books, which is certainly convenient for both teachers and students: each of the textbooks can be used not only in the complex, but also independently, depending on the learning objectives
  • textbooks are made not only professionally, but also with great love. Both the author and all the staff of the publishing house, who took part in the preparation of the complex for printing, tried to make such textbooks, which are not only interesting to study, but which are just nice to take in hand, look through, see beautiful photos, selected with great taste.


Why do we recommend you to choose “Matryoshka”?

It is a single integral complex: from zero to a good basic level of the Russian language. No additional textbooks are needed. Everything you need is in this complex:

  • setting the correct pronunciation of Russian sounds,
  • rules of reading and writing, speech (communication) models,
  • dialogues for all occasions,
  • interesting texts for reading and listening,
  • simple and clear explanations of Russian grammar,
  • a lot of exercises and tests for training and the keys to them …
  • and, at last, audio recordings of all materials of the textbook which can be listened to on our website.


  • You do not know Russian at all? No problem.

Russian-English, Russian-German, Russian-French dictionaries are attached to all three textbooks of the complex with the vocabulary used in them. And you can always look up an unfamiliar word.

The question: is it possible to study Russian with these textbooks on your own? We confidently answer: “Yes, it is possible to study Russian with them on your own. To do this, they have everything!»

Once again, all my textbooks are aimed at active language skills, communication. After all, to know a language is first of all to speak it and understand it.

The complex is built in such a way that you can choose any of the textbooks depending on your learning goals.

  • You don’t know Russian letters, can not read and write in Russian, can not make even the simplest Russian sentence?

Take “Matryoshka 0”. In it, indeed all is from the most zero. And by the end of training with it, you will be able to easily make a Russian proposal, maintain basic conversations, read short texts.

  • You are a bit familiar with the Russian language? But you can’t speak Russian and don’t understand Russian speech?

TakeMatryoshka A1”. It has a good conversational course of Russian. And you will not just learn to speak Russian, but will speak correctly. And you will be understood correctly! So, there will be adequate communication. And this is the goal of learning any language.

  • You have studied Russian, but have forgotten a lot? And now you need to quickly restore your knowledge? Or you need to prepare for the tests in the Russian language, and the knowledge is not enough? And you do not know where to get the necessary material: training exercises and tests.

In these cases, we advise you to use Matryoshka A2-B1. All the main topics of Russian grammar are considered in detail in it. And they are not just considered. This is not a passive, unnecessary theory. But this is a system of various communicative exercises that allows you to properly use the proposed information in your speech. With this textbook you will understand Russian grammar once for all. Without boring cramming you will see your results every day.

Choose any of the textbooks or all the complex as a whole.

If you want to order textbooks, write to my mail:

You can buy all the textbooks of the complex in the store “Moscow”. Abroad – in the “Kalinka” store and in “Ruslania”.